Triangle Peg Game

Triangle Peg Game

The triangle peg game is a sort of a brain teaser strategy game that is quite challenging to play or win. This type of a brain game is as popular as ever and does not seem to lose its popularity or get old and as with many strategy games, people with higher reasoning capabilities tend to solve the puzzle faster when compared to the ordinary people. This game is based on logic, making it addictive as the need to resolve the puzzle is always at the forefront of a player’s mind and the knowledge that he or she resolved the puzzle is usually inspirational, if not exhilarating.

Origins of the triangle peg game

The current fifteen holed triangle peg game is a version of a 17th century board game that was quite popular in Europe and in 1891, Herbert M. Smith patented a type of a triangular version of a peg game in the United States of America. To some people, the game is simply called peg solitaire while others call it cracker barrel puzzle. In the United States of America, these sorts of puzzle games have really gained popularity among the people who frequent the many restaurants, especially the Cracker Barrel restaurants as these restaurants introduced these types of games on every table so as to amuse their patrons while waiting for their food orders.

The triangle peg game comprise of fourteen pegs that are set triangularly and fifteen holes that look like bowling holes, only that they are smaller. One space on the triangular board is left empty and the objective of the game is to move or jump the pegs, eliminating each jumped peg until you are left with the least number possible.

How many starting positions are there in a triangle peg game?

Basically, there are 15 pegs in a triangle peg game board. The board can be rotated in several directions, but the starting positions are only four. A lot of people in the United State of America have seen or played the brain teasing triangle peg game at places such as:

  • The popular Cracker Barrel restaurants and other restaurants
  • The game boxes at Wal-mart stores
  • At their private homes or offices, not forgetting the learning institution


But can you consistently solve the puzzle game? There are numerous ways of solving the puzzle and if you can’t, you can learn how to play it from the instructions that come with it as by so doing, you will have more fun while trying to solve the puzzle that is the triangle peg game.

Why play the game?

The objective of playing this game is to test your strategy skills and problem solving capabilities. The game has 15 holes and 14 pegs that have to be eliminated where actually, you jump pegs over each other knocking the ones that have been jumped. The number left on the triangular board indicates your IQ level and the people who remove the most and are left with one are considered as people of a higher IQ level. In a nutshell, the triangle peg game is a catalyst to your advanced spatial thinking and to play the game, you must create a picture in your head prior to jumping the pieces on the board.




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