Peg Game Solution

Peg Game Solution

Avid players of the peg game often find this game addictive as there are many variable strategies that can be taken, and the impact of moving the first hole to another location on the board can result in different implications on how the game is played. While there are many platforms available to play this game online and offline, ultimately once you have become hooked on the strategy analysis that is required, the most portable version is probably the one that will suit you the best!

A popular version of the peg game

This game is so popular that it is used in selected restaurants to entertain its customers while waiting to be served and the most common version is where the board is a triangle with 15 holes. The game is based on inserting pegs (which may come in any shape or size or color) into 14 of the 15 holes and it is then up to the player to jump the peg over another peg. Once this step is taken, the “jumped over peg” is removed, this will continue until there are insufficient pegs to jump over because the gap between the remaining pegs is too great, meaning there are too many holes in between.

Looking for peg game solutions

There are many resources that claim to provide access to peg game solutions, however you will need to evaluate these on your own but what you will need to remember if you are looking for a peg game solution is:

  • The peg game solution will differ according to the shape of the board.
  • The peg game solution may differ depending on where the first hole is placed on the board.
  • The peg game solution that you are exploring may only works in a fixed structure therefore any variation to the sequence of movements will not provide the same outcome.
  • It is not possible to memorize a solution and keep reusing it as this would be the equivalent of memorizing chess moves in expectation that your opponent will use the same moves every time.


It is commonly believed that where the game commences with the hole on the side of the board, there is a greater probability that you will be able to remove more pegs from the board. However in instances where the hole is in the center of the board, strategically it becomes harder to complete the game with fewer pegs.

Finding a peg game solution online

If you are keen to learn about possible solutions to the different peg games, one of the best resources is using the internet. Similar to Sudoku and even chess, there are many people who have shared their experiences about playing the peg game and provided possible solutions to this and you will need to explore which of these explanations will suit you. This is because some of the solutions are presented in a numerically complex fashion and unless you are able to understand these, it may end up being harder to learn than the peg game itself!



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